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“This album is a joy to listen to, and one feels the love and the pleasure that self-evidently went into every note.” -the Quietus

1. Wicked Game
2. Twin Peaks (Falling)
3. Baby Please Don’t Go
4. Blue Velvet
5. I’m Deranged

…Plus Five More Tracks

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Drowned In Sound:
“Thomas Truax has recorded a covers album made up of songs featured in David Lynch’s films and, somewhat paradoxically, made them somehow more Lynchian.
It’s a celebration and renewal of some great songs. Stripping back Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ makes the song’s enticing darkness more apparent. Speeding up ‘Falling’, the theme from Twin Peaks, completely alters the mood and brings a joyousness to it, as well as an off kilter humour, in tune with the feel of much of the television show.”

The Quietus:
“They could almost have been separated at birth. They even dress similarly: apparently when they met, the first thing Lynch said was to compliment Truax’s shoes. Both men seem to inhabit a similar sort of world, one at a slight remove from our own. David Lynch — dubbed “Jimmy Stewart from Mars” by Mel Brooks — a director synonymous with the weird, uncanny, small town America; and Thomas Truax, a one-man band who claims to be from a place called Wowtown and wrote his first album — performed with a number of self-invented instruments — all about the strange folk who lived there.
Truax’s music has always been heavily influenced by the same good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll that soundtracked some of Lynch’s films…as though spied through the same distorted funhouse mirror.”

Buzz Magazine:
“Truax inhabits these standards, a fittingly Lynch-ian nod to the weirdness hiding in the seemingly normal… Great stuff.”

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