"There's a fine line between the unique and the insane, and it's a line which Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) straddles with his chin held high and ' The Hornicator ' firmly glued to his left ear. His collection of home made instruments look as though plucked straight from the mind of Tim Burton and are combined with loop pedals, guitars and lashings of imagination to create one of the most unusual and entertaining live shows you will ever see." Splendid magazine calls him "one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you've never heard of...an exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet fairly accessible even to casual listeners."

The Guardian: "When he performs, it is a spectacle - the originality and seeming impossibility of what he does is much of the appeal."

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News: Thomas has launched a new Pledgemusic campaign for the upcoming album 'Jetstream Sunset' Lots of great exclusives! Help him give the new album the birth it deserves.


New VIDEOS up now :

Feelin' Bad For Dracula and also Thomas' cover of SATISFACTION from the album'Trolls, Girls, and Lullabies' (songs from Peer Gynt).

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