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Album Review – 9/10 – “Dream Catching Songs is a blessing you didn’t know you needed in
your life, a piece of art, a sound of the unconscious desire awoken and given life” -LP SOUND AND VISION

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Newcastle Life Newspaper Jan 26, 2023



“Thirty seconds into the album opener Dream Catching Song I was already halfway to being smitten. With a vocal that stands out and stands up with the likes of Cohen and Cave, a drum beat from Budgie (yes, that Budgie from The Banshees/Creatures fame) and a repetitive but highly effective guitar riff, the track meanders along. The listening itch needing to be scratched, questioned, who the hell is this?
…An excellent, invigorating album that while spanning several genres, remains balanced and surprising. It really does grow with each listen. Do check it out.”


Album Review – 9.5/10 – “This long player really blew me away and I found so many moments
of pure joy while listening. At times it’s a little sparse but as the old adage or proverb goes
“less is more” and that rings so true here.” -MAXIMUM VOLUME

“Tremolos twang, lips are curled, and this unlikely threesome have built their
own brand of barmy wonder” -ELECTRONIC SOUND MAGAZINE

“Thomas Truax’s Dream Catching Songs spins with gadgets, gizmos, weird
combustions, Budgie the drummer, urgent electric guitar, the odd idea or two — all of which
dance on the head of a pin with a lot of angels who love growls, clangs, thumps, and the
occasional jovial amen of great art-infused and quite inventive rock ‘n’ roll music.” -SOMETHING ELSE

“There’s no putting this record down once you get lost in its gaze, and with that in mind, I recommend putting aside everything else in your day when sitting down to experience Truax’s musical might for yourself.” – MELODY MAKER

You can buy Dream Catching Songs and directly support the artist via Bandcamp HERE